Ceiling Systems

Suspended Ceilings

The advantage of suspended ceilings is in their ability to create an aesthetic interior finish whileconcealing and allowing access to all the services that make an interior space function practicallyincluding lighting and air-conditioning and if required optimising acoustics as well.Our suspended ceilings are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for modernday complex buildings and is suitable for any suspended ceiling application including offices,retail outlets, hospitals, schools, hotels and restaurants.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality hot-dip galvanised steel with pre-painted capping ensuring effectiveness against corrosion and high light reflectance properties
  • Positive lock coupling mechanisms with audible click
  • Econogrid can be dissembled and reused
  • Stepped end cross tees that prevent tee rotation
  • Mid-span deflection not exceeding 1/360 of the span length
  • Main Tee includes a fire safety feature (see additional information below)
  • Main Tees are punched at 100 centres to facilitate versatility for all tile sizes

Grid Ceilings

The evolution of flush plastered ceilings with more and more elaborate design features has enabled the ceiling to become a major decorative feature that draws the eye and enhances the interior space. Flush plastered ceilings facilitate a variety of effects including precision lines and aperfectly seamless finish to dramatic floating ceilings as well as layered ceilings. By adding lighting effects the finished product is a flawless ceiling that adds style, sophistication and luxuryto any living or working space.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance, durability and ease of installation
  • High quality galvanised steel - effective protection against corrosion
  • Offers versatility and flexibility to designers
  • Positive lock coupling mechanisms with audible click
  • Stepped end cross tees that prevent tee rotation
  • Knurled face allows positive screw fixing

Foil Back Gypsum Ceiling Tile

  • Foil backing increases thermal resistance and NRC properties
  • Encapsulated (taped) edges limit water penetration, promote a longer life span and minimize gypsum dust
  • Tiles are non-toxic, non-combustible and resistant to humiditySuspended

Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile

Our Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile is produced from calcium silicate and is an extremely strong and durable tile.It has a white vinyl face and an aluminium foil backing, as well as encapsulated edges which further enhance the tiles inherent properties.

Insulated Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile

These tiles have an added component of 25mm fire retardant polystyrene applied to the back of the standard tile which improves the thermal resistance of the tile. All the other features and benefits of the standard tile apply as well. These tiles can be cut with a scoring knife, circular saw or hand saw.

Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tile

  • Humidity resistance up to RH 95%
  • Sound absorption in accordance with JC/T 670-2005(which is the standard of the test through the System of Sound absorption Index)
  • Light reflecting up to 90%
  • CAC (sound insulation level) up to 35
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Moisture and fire resistant
  • No asbestos
  • No radiation

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